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Dog Etiquette Rules



Good dogs make great hotel guests and great travel companions. They don’t shred toilet paper, they don’t have “accidents”, they don’t bark uncontrollably, they don’t get drunk and rowdy, and they are friendly towards other dogs (and humans).


Here are 5 rules that every Wine Pooch should follow and understand, before joining our tour, or event.


1. Only house-trained dogs are allowed.

This is pretty obvious, but cannot be overstated. If your pup still has accidents inside, they are probably not the best hotel-dog material, and should be left at home. Similarly, if an accident happens during one of our wine tasting experiences, please be a responsible dog owner, and clean up.

2. Dogs should be comfortable in a car/private bus.

If your pup easily gets carsick, you may want to reconsider bringing them to our weekend wine tasting tours, which often require 30-45 minute travel by bus or car, for your dog’s own comfort.


3. Dogs should be comfortable in a carrier, or secured during transportation.

For everyone’s safety during transportation, it is required that all dogs are either in carriers (on the floor, or in the seat), in your lap, or for larger dogs - securely on the floor on in the seat at all times. The large, private, repurposed bus has ample space for everyone to roam around once the vehicle has stopped. However, for everyone’s safety, dogs should not be unsecured during transport. The carriers don’t have to be airline approved, or close fully – they can be as simple as a bag that your dog fits in, and that you are holding onto during travel time. Large dogs should be safely on the floor on in the seat. 


4. Full time barkers?

You may be used to Bruno barking his little lungs out every time he sees a bird, or hears a car, but other guests may not be as enthusiastic. Please be considerate, and make sure your dog is well behaved both in the hotel room, as well as in wineries and patios. How does your dog react if left with strangers when you must use the restroom? Does your dog listen to commands, and stops barking when told to do so? Be mindful, and know your dog’s limitations.

5. Leash, please!

Regardless of how obedient your pup is off leash, dogs be leashed at all times during the Wine Pooch Tour, when not in the hotel room. No retractable leashes, please.


Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a dog owner to evaluate if your dog can handle a weekend trip with other dogs and humans, or not. If you’ve never taken your pup to a hotel, or to an event, it may be better to start with an afternoon trip, or a one night dog friendly escape.  If, however, your pup is a seasoned traveler, and is used to going to restaurants, and events with you, they should have zero problems, as Wine Pooch tours are designed with them in mind!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us

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