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Please read carefully the terms and policies in the conditions of this contract.  In placing payment, you agree to be bound by these conditions which constitute the agreement between you and Wine Pooch LLC.

I. Reservations & Payment

Payment in full is required to reserve your spot in a retreat.  Payment can be made by credit card, or Paypal. The final balance is due on January 17, 2019.

II. Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel for any reason, you must notify Wine Pooch in writing at  Once notice is received, cancellation will be effective subject to the following conditions:  If you cancel less than 21 days prior to the retreat starting date, 100% of your deposit fee will be forfeited.  If you cancel 21 – 30 days prior to the retreat starting date, 50% of your deposit fee will be forfeited. A 10% cancellation fee will be charged to all cancellations made more than 30 days prior the retreat starting date. You may change the name on your reservation at any time for no additional cost.


III. Insurance

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are appropriately insured for the full duration of the retreat including but not limited to illness, injury, death, loss of baggage, loss of personal items and cancellation. This applies to both, humans and dogs.


IV. Health and Fitness Requirements

You must be in in good physical and mental health to participate on our retreats.  You are responsible for any medical or emergency expenses for you or your dog. There is no veterinary practitioner on site, but there are 24 hour emergency veterinary clinics in the area.  You acknowledge and agree that in no event shall Wine Pooch be liable or responsible for any losses , liabilities, injuries, infections, illnesses or other medical or health problems arising out of your participation in the retreat.


V. Changes, Delays, Postponement, Cancellation & Force Majeure

In the event that Wine Pooch LLC is prevented either directly or indirectly from performing any of its obligations under this agreement by reason of fire, earthquakes, strikes, trade disputes, breakdowns, interruption of transport, government or political action, acts of war, terrorism, acts or omissions of a third party or for any other cause whatsoever outside Wine Pooch’s reasonable control, Wine Pooch LLC will be under no liability whatsoever to you and may, at its opinion, by written notice to you, either cancel the retreat or take any other action as specified herein. Wine Pooch LLC reserves the right and absolute discretion to change any aspect of the program and or retreat necessary due to conditions including but not limited to those that may be hazardous or dangerous due to any adverse or threatening condition whether political, military, terrorist or otherwise, or is an act of omission of a third party which prevents the program and or retreat being undertaken in accordance with your reservation or for any other reason considered necessary by Wine Pooch LLC. Wine Pooch reserves the right to cancel the retreat if the minimum (10) number of participants has not been met, in which case your entire deposit will be refunded.


VI. Photos, Video, other Media Release

By and in consideration for being permitted to participate in the Retreat, you irrevocably grant Wine Pooch and its agents and representatives all rights to use, reproduce, display, exhibit, publish, distribute, and/or produce derivative works based on your image, likeness, and voice as recorded by any camera and/or on any video, audio, and/or other media (collectively, “Likeness”) worldwide, in perpetuity, without compensation, payment, or other additional consideration of any kind, for any lawful purpose, including without limitation for marketing and trade purposes. You agree that your Likeness may be used, reproduced, displayed, exhibited, published, edited, or distributed by Wine Pooch at its sole discretion.  You understand that your Likeness may be used in various publications, promotional or marketing materials, and/or social media, unrestricted by time or geographic area and consent to such uses. You further understand and grant permission to Wine Pooch and its agents and representatives to electronically display any Likeness of you on the Internet or in other public settings. You hereby waive the right to inspect or approve any and all materials in which your Likeness may appear. You further waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of your Likeness. This release applies to all photographic, audio, and/or video recordings collected as part of, in connection with, and/or during the Retreat. There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where materials including your Likeness may be used, reproduced, displayed, exhibited, published, and/or distributed by or on behalf of Wine Pooch.


VII. Waiver of Liability and Release

In consideration for participating in the retreat,  you voluntarily assume full responsibility for and hereby release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, and covenant not to sue Wine Pooch LLC its officers, members, agents, contractors, employees, volunteers, guides, and other representatives (each a “company party” and collectively, the “company parties”) for any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, and/or losses (including but not limited to any exemplary, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or other damages, medical expenses, lost wages/income, loss of services, lost profits, property damage, pain, illness, and death) (collectively “liabilities”) whatsoever arising out of or in any way related to your travel to and/or participation in the retreat and/or any activities conducted in connection therewith, regardless of whether such liabilities are caused by the negligence of any company party or otherwise, and regardless of whether such liability arises in tort, contract, strict liability, or otherwise, even if any company party has been advised of the possibility of such liabilities, to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law.

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