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Wine Tasting With Your Dog

We get it. Wine and dogs are two of the best things in life, and one should never have to choose between the two! That’s why we’re bringing you tips on wine tasting with your dog, so that both - you and your wine pooch are safe, happy, and have the times of your lives!

Cheers, woof!

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Obedient dogs make the best wine tasting companions

Tips and Advice:

  • If your trip is overnight, check that your hotel is dog friendly. is a great resource.

  • Leaving your pup in the hotel room alone is usually not an option, so carefully plan the list of wineries you want to visit. (Call them in advance to ensure they are dog friendly). We are also regularly updating out list of Winepooch-tested wineries here.

  • Check winery opening hours (some are closed on certain days, and some require a reservation).

  • NEVER leave your dog in the car. Any time, anywhere.

  • Have a designated driver, or hire one, because drunk driving is dangerous for your pup! (seriously, though, just don’t do it).

dog friendly, wine pooch , winepooch, winery dogs, dogs and wine, wine travel California
Take your pup for a walk before entering the tasting room.

  • Take your pup for a walk around each winery, before entering the tasting room. (Best to empty the tanks first to avoid any accidents indoors).

  • Most wineries don’t serve food, but many will allow you to bring your own. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy al fresco dining at its finest, surrounded by vineyards!

Don’t forget to include dog friendly snacks in your picnic basket. Cucumbers, carrots, watermelon or blueberries are wonderful treats that both you and your pooch can enjoy.

  • Wine tasting usually (always?) lasts longer than planned. Carry a serving of your dog’s food in a ziplock bag, so your pooch doesn’t have to skip a meal while you’re comparing Old World and New World Rieslings. (If your pup is on a raw diet, replace it with freeze dried food during travels, as it doesn’t spoil).

wine pooch, wine pooch, wine dog, winery go, wine tasting, dog friendly, dog friendly travel
Wine tasting with your dog should be fun!


What to pack:

  • Leash & harness/collar with a tag + poop bags

  • A blanked/dog bed

  • A collapsible water bowl & A LOT of water for your dog

  • Treats

  • Dog food

  • Dog toy(s)

  • Dog first aid kit (better safe than sorry)

  • Carrier bag (if applicable)

  • Proof of vaccinations

  • Tick & flea control

  • Phone numbers of veterinaries in the area

  • Wet wipes


Have a fantastic time wine tasting with your furry friend! And don’t forget: Dogs sniff, and humans sip.


Pika and Nadia


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